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Ramp Length Calculator

The following tool can be used to calculate the size of ramp you require. Don't hesitate to contact us if you require any help.

Complete your details to calculate your Ramp Length
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Q: How do I choose the right length of ramp?
A: It is better to choose the longest ramp possible that suits the space it needs to fit into , your ability to lift /store/move it & within the budget you want to spend. This will produce a lesser gradient and makes it easier and safer for the wheelchair or scooter to self propel ¬†or to be assisted... Read more in our FAQs »

Q: Are there any regulations that give the gradient to be achieved?
A: There are regulations that give guidelines for permanent ramp gradients which is normally 1:15 ie 15inches of ramp for every inch of rise. While they are a useful benchmark this recommended gradient is nearly always totally impractical with a portable ramp... Read more in our FAQs »

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